MEXICO 2020- But Natural Photography Workshop

Invitation to learn from internationally renowned photographer SUJATA SETIA in this intensive outdoor and indoor natural light portraits photography workshop. Location: San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO Date: 1st October 2020 Host: Monserrat Chávez Tuition Fee: Workshop Tuition Fee is GBP £750 (approx. USD 999 - please note this is a rough estimate of the conversion rate. The best place to check current currency conversion rate is here) Payable in 2 instalments as follows :  £350                                        -      NON REFUNDABLE retainer due at the time of booking to secure your spot. £400                                       -      instalment due 1st September 2020 Who can attend: This workshop is open to photographers at all levels of their photography journey. My only ask is for you to have a decent DSLR camera and a basic knowledge of Photoshop to be able to completely benefit from the workshop.  Duration: The workshop will run over a single day, 11:00am – 07:00pm,  lunch, snacks and refreshments provided. NATURAL LIGHT CHILDREN AND FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP INVITATION with SUJATA I've often had enquiries about how I create those creamy images with such a compelling narrative to them. So here I am... ready to share all the knowledge I have with you. In this one full day intensive workshop which will start at 11:00 am and finish around 7:00 pm We will cover the following: -We will start the day with a Presentation. Then we will go out to shoot with a set of models and then we will go through my editing techniques in immense amount of detail. I will share all my editing knowledge. -Natural light and how we can make the most of light of all kinds whether too dark and dreadful (harsh weather conditions are great too and I will show you how to work your magic in extreme climates) or too sunny (even a sunny day with too many harsh highlights and shadows can lead to amazing images). -Styling our subjects and clients -Camera gear (what are the best camera bodies in the market and which one should you be investing in. How to decide which lens to buy? I will answer all your questions.) -Camera settings (it is critical to know what settings should you be working on to click images that are stunning even when they come straight out of camera. I will share my secret camera settings recipe with you. ) -Working with children and families -Working with animals. -How to do quick and fun family shoots that don't last you an entire day but are done within 45 minutes to one hour. -EDITING EDITING EDITING. I will teach two kinds of editing. We will do a 5 step simple but super awesome client gallery editing and more complex artsy editing. I will not hold anything back. Every single detail of my editing workflow will be shared with you. -*FREE SECRET ACTIONS that I have made on my own and I use for my editing would be given as part of the workshop.* -Marketing. I will give you all my secrets of how I built my brand in three years from starting my business. From being absolutely new to holding a camera to becoming one of the top photographers in the world... featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail, Goodhousekeeping Magazine amongst others. <3 -The art of storytelling to stand out in the market where you are competing with many other amazing photographers. -You will be added to my private FB training group where you will find a growing community of photographer who all help each other. So this will help you gain onwards support in the future so that after the workshop you don’t feel left alone/abandoned. Languages: Workshop will be taught in English and translated to Spanish. Attendees will receive: Sujata's personal Photoshop Action Pack be part of the exclusive But Natural Photography's Workshop group for ongoing learning. Number of attendees per class: 12 attendees per class A glimpse of the kind of editing you will learn: Student Testimonials and work of But Natural Photography workshops: More Info »

£350.00 - £750.00