The sweetest little newborn babies at my photography workshop in UK

I was recently invite by one of Britain’s largest Photographer Association The Guild of Photographers 

to run a newborn photography workshop at their prestigious event The PhotoHubs 2018. It was such a huge privilege, just to receive that invitation, I wouldn’t lie when I say that I was truly ecstatic when they informed me that I was to be the “headliner” for the event. 

Well then my days at the event were spent teaching a group of really enthusiastic and a really wonderful group of students. We had two really adorable newborn baby girls one of whom was 9 days old and the other being 26 days old. 

It was such a fun morning. Weather wasn’t too great outside so we were all particularly happy being huddled up inside that cosy studio space with our little baby models to cuddle.

Just sharing some pictures I have edited from that training day. Let me know what you think <3

You can find my 2019 workshop calendar here


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