Stunning mother daughter photoshoot by the beach at sunset in New York

This shoot literally took my breath away… in every way possible to be honest. As a destination photographer the biggest challenge one faces is that you have to go to an entirely new location every single time and somehow within seconds, understand the nature of natural light and the personality of the landscape there and simply get on with your job. It’s actually both a challenge and a blessing. This, being on your toes, teaches you how to cope with any kind of situation really. My beautiful client Tracey Hammonds invited me to Long Island, New York to create a mother-daughter series with her little missy and we went to this stunning beach. I fell in love with the location instantly but my biggest fear there was that light was not getting filtered through anything at all. There were hardly any trees in the background to feather the sun’s rays and if they would fall directly on my subjects and get into my lens then all I would get is a huge flare and out of focus images. But the one lone tree that I got in the background, I managed to use it to my benefit. 

It helped me create this stunning rim of light around my subjects what lent the images this painterly look… and oh the seagulls… they are noisy but they look so magnificent in the images.

Tracey was so ecstatic with the images, she has already invited me to the US once again, but this time to a new location and an entirely new setting. And so I will be jet setting from London to the US in April 2020. 

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