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If you are interested in my editing you can book an online one-to-one session with me.

The session will be held via Skype. I will share my screen with you. Please note that recording the session is not allowed. However, you can record that part of our session where we sit and edit one of your images with the editing techniques learnt from me. So you will have a video to which you can keep going back to brush up your learnings.

I will be editing both in Photoshop and Lightroom but mostly photoshop. We can go at whatever pace that you are most comfortable with. The end goal is for you to make the most of this session. I am a natural light photographer but whatever I teach in terms of editing can be applied on images shot with external light sources also.

During the session I will show you how I edit some of my images. I will teach you different editing styles. Quick client edits and more intensive creative edits with head swaps, composites, textures, liquify, curves, hues and saturation, levels and various other editing techniques. I will be happy to answer any of your photography related questions during our time together. So it is best that you prepare a set of queries that you have in mind before we sit down for our online session.

Aah! and you will also receive my photoshop action pack for FREE! These are actions that I have created and I use for my edits. You will receive them as a part of this training.

For me this session will be about helping you grow and go to the next level and feel more confident about your editing once you are through it. Which is why, as part of the session, we will also sit and edit one of your images based on what you have learnt from me. THAT PART OF THE SESSION I AM HAPPY FOR YOU TO RECORD, so that you can go back to it again and again to remember.

Once you have purchased your slot, send me a message and we can discuss a convenient date and time for our session. The session will last between 2 hrs. This Skype training will cost £649

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