ISRAEL 2022- But Natural Photography Outdoor Natural Light Workshops


EXCLUSIVE INVITATION TO LEARN FROM MULTI AWARD-WINNING PHOTOGRAPHER SUJATA SETIA in this intensive outdoor and indoor natural light portraits photography workshop.



Invitation to learn from internationally renowned photographer SUJATA SETIA in this intensive outdoor and indoor natural light portraits photography workshop.

Location and Date:

Central Area, ISRAEL – 20th -21st January 2022 (first workshop) and 23rd – 24th January 2022 (second workshop)

Norther Area, ISRAEL – 17th – 18th January 2022

Tuition Fee: Workshop Tuition Fee is GBP £500 (The best place to check current currency conversion rate is here)

Payable in 2 instalments as follows : 

£100                                        –      NON REFUNDABLE retainer due at the time of booking to secure your spot.

£400                                        –      instalment due 10th December 2022

Who can attend: This workshop is open to photographers at all levels of their photography journey. My only ask is for you to have a decent DSLR camera and a basic knowledge of Photoshop to be able to completely benefit from the workshop. 

Duration: The workshop will run over two days. 

I’ve often had enquiries about how I create those creamy images with such a compelling narrative to them.
So here I am… ready to share all the knowledge I have with you.
In this two day intensive workshop, we will cover the following:

  • -We will start the day with a Presentation. Then we will go out to shoot with a set of models and then we will go through my editing techniques in immense amount of detail. I will share all my editing knowledge.
  • -Natural light and how we can make the most of light of all kinds whether too dark and dreadful (harsh weather conditions are great too and I will show you how to work your magic in extreme climates) or too sunny (even a sunny day with too many harsh highlights and shadows can lead to amazing images).
  • -Styling our subjects and clients
  • -Camera gear (what are the best camera bodies in the market and which one should you be investing in. How to decide which lens to buy? I will answer all your questions.)
  • -Camera settings (it is critical to know what settings should you be working on to click images that are stunning even when they come straight out of camera. I will share my secret camera settings recipe with you. )
  • -Working with children and families
  • -Working with animals.
  • -How to do quick and fun family shoots that don’t last you an entire day but are done within 45 minutes to one hour.
  • EDITING EDITING EDITING. I will teach two kinds of editing. We will do a 5 step simple but super awesome client gallery editing and more complex artsy editing. I will not hold anything back. Every single detail of my editing workflow will be shared with you.
  • -*FREE FINE ART ACTIONS that I have made on my own and I use for my editing would be given as part of the workshop.*
  • -Marketing. I will give you all my secrets of how I built my brand in three years from starting my business. From being absolutely new to holding a camera to becoming one of the top photographers in the world… GOING VIRAL and being featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail, HuffPost, Buzzfeed, Goodhousekeeping Magazine amongst others. <3
  • -The art of storytelling to stand out in the market where you are competing with many other amazing photographers.
  • -You will be added to my private FB training group where you will find a growing community of photographer who all help each other. So this will help you gain onwards support in the future so that after the workshop you don’t feel left alone/abandoned.


Workshop will be taught in English. Translated in Spanish

Attendees will receive:

  • Sujata’s personal Photoshop Action Pack
  • be part of the exclusive But Natural Photography’s Workshop group for ongoing learning.

Number of attendees per class:

18 attendees per class

A glimpse of the kind of editing you will learn:



Student Testimonials and work of But Natural Photography workshops:



  • Terms:

  • The following is the Workshop Policies and Terms:The workshop fee is non-refundable. The workshop fee may be transferred to another Participant upon approval from the Instructor if the Participant has paid the workshop in full. Transferring is the responsibility of the Participant. If the Participant fails to pay according to the payment schedule outlined by the Instructor, the Participant will forfeit his/her seat in the workshop and will not be entitled to a refund.The workshop is limited to 20 attendees. In circumstances where under 5 spots sell, the Photographer has the right to cancel workshop and will refund any payments made. Please DO NOT book flights and accommodation until you receive confirmation that the workshop is confirmed from the Photographer.In the very unfortunate event that the Photographer become ill or for any other reason unable to conduct the workshop, then your deposit and further instalments will be refunded excluding the payment platform (Paypal/ Stripe) transaction fee (which is held by the payment platforms and is out of the remit of the Photographer) in the currency the photographer charged you in i.e. GBP (British Pounds). If the Photographer reschedules the workshop for a later date due to covid or other unforeseen circumstances then the deposit will be retained for the later workshop and will be non-refundable. Participant MUST allow for a window of extra hours before and after the workshop incase the timing of the workshop is changed due to unforeseen weather conditions or other circumstances outside of the control of the photographer.All information discussed, given, or shared with you at the workshop is for the workshop attendee only and should not be discussed in part, or in its entirety, with any photographer or persons who have not attended the workshop. All materials are protected under copyright law and should not be distributed without the express consent of the Photographer.Participant is not permitted to use images taken at the workshop for commercial purposes. Image usage is strictly for portfolio use only (website, Facebook and other social media). Social media usage is allowed only to showcase portfolio. Participant is not permitted to submit photos taken during the workshop to magazines, contests or exhibitions.Participant MUST credit “But Natural Photography” and the name of the workshop attended, when posting workshop images on social media.The Instructor shall be held harmless for any and all injury to Participant and Participant’s business and equipment during the course of the workshop and immediately surrounding events. *