This incredibly amazing Action pack consists of the following actions:

      • Skin and Background glow action
      • Background blur action
      • Sun burst action
      • Dodge and burn action
      • Sharpen eyes action
      • Rosy Baby Cheeks Action
      • High End skin softening action
      • Simple sharpening action
      • Detailed smart sharpening action
      • Fine art edit steps actionI originally created this action pack to simplify my own editing but I have had many queries for it so I am finally putting them up for sale. You can create beautiful fine art images with the help of this entire action pack within less than ten minutes.Along with this action pack, I will also provide you with a video tutorial to show you how I use these actions to edit my images. This will help you as well to understand their application better.Once you make your purchase, you will get the option to download this action to your computer. Once you download it, you need to simply click on this action .atn file twice and it will automatically show up in the “actions” dropdown menu of your Photoshop.Incase the above method of uploading the action to PS does not work then you can also ctrl+ right click on the action file and then “open with PS”. These actions are compatible with Photoshop versions CS5, CS6 and CC.For any queries please contact me on

        Please note that, there are NO refunds as this is a digital product.