Newborn babies photographed with their furry friends

I recently posted some of these images on my social media pages and as luck would have it, this post went viral.

You know I love animals and I love babies right? And I have been so so lucky that my clients absolutely love it when I take pictures of their newborn babies with their furry friends. Most of them when they book their newborn baby photoshoot with me at my home studio here in London ask me to also take some pictures of their children with their pets.

I have always felt that children build a special bond with their furry friends and it gives them a sense of responsibility at an early age to have a fur baby to take care of. 

I brought home our first puppy when my daughter Aayat was only two years old and the bond they both shared was the most incredible sibling love I would have ever experienced. I remember when Aayat when to one of the Primary Schools here in London for her entrance assessment (interview with the head of Junior school) and she was asked if she has siblings and she said yes “I have a brother and his name is Mustang.” Mind you, we had never trained Aayat to say anything like this. But their bond was something truly special. 

Unfortunately Mustang passed away suddenly when he was only one year old and it was a very difficult road for us trying to make sense of it for Aayat tiny little heart and mind. 

After a year of Mustang having left us, we finally managed to put the courage together to bring home two bulldog puppies recently and they have filled our lives with so much joy I cannot even express. 

The day since Mustang left us, I started to photograph newborn babies with their furry friends. It was just my way to find closure to our sudden loss. I have found photography truly healing and it has always helped me find a way to express my inner demons in a way that is positive and uplifiting. 

So when I shared these images they were received with so much love that I have been truly overwhelmed since. For one the Daily Mail did an entire article on my work and also the biggest private TV network in Germany – RTL came down for a TV interview




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