Natural light portrait photography images I created here in UK and all over the world

Hi everyone. It’s been such a long long time since I wrote a post. I was just going through the images I created last year and couldn’t help but share some of the portrait images from all the photography workshops I ran last year. Here are some images I shot in UK, US, Canada, Belgium, Dubai and Mexico last year.

As you are aware, I am a natural light photographer so I teach my students in my masterclasses as to how they can flirt with natural light in the cosy spaces of their homes and create such stunning portrait images that look nothing less than a piece of art. 

I was using Nikon D800 all these years so these images are all created with that camera. Mostly for my studio portraits I like to use 35mm f1.4 sigma art lens or something 50mm f1.4 Nikon as well. That is simply because the indoor studio spaces I have to work with usually are very small so I am unable to use any long lens. 

Lately, a lot of my clients have been requesting for such artistic portrait images as part of their family sessions and I’ve been very happy to oblige. 

I hope you enjoy looking at this set of photos. 

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