Maternity Photoshoot for Krystal at a stunning farm in Kent

Maternity Photoshoot for Krystal at a stunning farm in Kent

When I received a message from Krystal that she wanted to travel all the way from the US to London just to get her pregnancy images taken by me, I was truly truly humbled. 

I cannot begin to express how blessed I feel that I am able to create these lasting memories for my clients.

Krystal and I then planned out the entire photoshoot. She had booked a fine art maternity photoshoot 

I always like to involve my clients in the creative process. I make sure to ask them exactly what they expect from the photo session and what kind of images they are looking for. They come back with ideas and suggestions which I take note of to create my final shoot sketch. 

Krystal had already gone through all my work on my instagram page and she wanted me to plan an anaimal farm photo shoot for her. So I called up my absolute favourite farm in all of UK, Lainey’s farm and booked a day for our session. 

I made sure I had a range of maternity gowns available for Krystal to choose from and well then… what more can I say. This is how the images turned out.

What do you think?

By the way, here’s a behind the scenes video from the day of the photoshoot behind the scenes from Krystal’s maternity photoshoot




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