Maternity Photoshoot at a stunning farm in UK

Maternity Photoshoot at a stunning farm in UK

When Brooke booked me for her fine art Maternity photoshoot honestly, I was a bit nervous. For one she is a wonderful photographer herself and also, that she attended my photography training. So there was a lot of pressure to deliver images that live up to her expectations and keen creative vision.

But what I absolutely loved about having her as my client was that she trusted me 100 percent. Brooke was 34 weeks pregnant at the time of the photoshoot and the best times for you to get your pregnancy photos takes is usually between 28 – 36 weeks. I called her up one day and said I want to book an animal farm for us in the stunning locales of Wales and take her there for our session. 

And Brooke was immediately on board with the idea. I called up Pen-y-dre farm in Abergavenny, Wales and they were more than happy for us to come over. So I set out with my husband and daughter from London to Wales and not only did we create these magical images at the farm, I also ended up turning this adventure into a mini holiday with my family. 

These magical gowns are of course made by my favourite dress designer Katharina Hakaj Couture

I hope you like these images. 

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