Farm Photoshoot of this beautiful family

Farm Photoshoot of this beautiful family

Inbal is such a beautiful person and she always books me to do a farm or fine art photoshoot for her two beautiful children, whenever I travel from London to the US. 

This was the first time I got to photograph her kids. I was hoping it would be a photoshoot for the entire family but Inbal has promised me that on my next trip to the US in May 2019, I will get to do a family photo session. 

This session was done at a farm in Connecticut and it was so incredibly cold but the children were such stars. They loved playing with the chicks and rabbits and all the other animals at the farm that the photoshoot was really a breeze. 

I always request my clients to give the children ample sleep and rest prior to the photoshoot so they are happy during the session. Also, I make sure to carry loads of goodies for the children just to make sure I am able to befriend the little children and they are comfortable around me. 

So here we go. Just wanted to share some of the images from this wonderful Family photoshoot.

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