Family photoshoot at an animal farm

Family photoshoot at an animal farm

So last month I travelled from London to New York to conduct an outdoor natural light photography workshop and also accepted bookings for some family photo sessions there. Inbal booked a fine art/ farm family photo session for me to photograph her two gorgeous children – Liam and Mia.

Seriously these children are #siblinggoals. They are so madly in love with each other. Mia just could not take her eyes off her big brother and everything he did she did too. 

We had beautiful natural setting at the farm  we went to and the animals and birds were super friendly with the children. The results are right here in front of you. 

Inbal got these dresses custom made by Katharina Hakaj Couture

The styling suggestions were provided by me and I made sure to guide Inbal every step of the way so she knew exactly what to make the children wear. Because honestly, styling is such an important part of how the final images will look. I pay a lot of attention to it along with my clients. And another very important thing is that the children should be happy and feel like they are actually playing and not being tied down to “pose” for the photo shoot. 




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