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Mumbai December 2017 Newborn, Sitter, Indoor, Outdoor Workshop

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Join Kath and me on 16th-17th December 2017 for two action packed days of Newborn, Sitters, Outdoor and Indoor children & family Natural Light photography workshop in Mumbai (Flat no 601, siddhivinayak building, union park road no 1, Khar west(pali hill), opp bajaj park, close to Ambedkar Statue, Mumbai 400 052, India.) We will go through all aspects of photographing children of different ages, families and of course their pets in natural settings, both in the studio, indoors (lifestyle/storytelling) and outdoor… to create magical images.



A day through the lens of Kath V. will explore the essence of creating breathtaking and eternal newborn and baby portraits in an elegant and whimsical showcase as well as building a successful and thriving photography business.  

The full-day session is designed to be interactive, enticing your individual style to shine. Each workshop is catered to 8 attendees to ensure ample time for individual mentoring, learning and special interest themes.  

Kath’s passion for newborn and baby photography is infectious, her work is brilliant and this opportunity presents a priceless investment in your career. Whether you are an experienced professional or entering the industry, this workshop will provide a wealth of knowledge, proven business strategies and a mentor in Kath who loves seeing her protégées succeed. 

Key Topics:

The art of photographing NEWBORNS

The following set ups will be covered and with each set up, Kath will demonstrate how to style and pose baby in a relaxed and comfortable position. Kath will show you the clever use of props and the different angles to take to get as many images (that look all different) in one set up. There will be 2 newborn models on the day.

Floral Nest Set Up

Enchanted bed set up

Please note – Beanbag poses will NOT be covered.

The art of photographing SITTERS

Kath V. will demonstrate how to interact, connect & pose babies in a fun and engaging way. Along with basic baby poses (that sells and parents love).  Kath will demonstrate the fine art of capturing her signature bonnet portrait in a subtle yet captivating style that embellishes baby’s features as the hero of the photo. There will be 2 sitter models on the day.

***the images you capture can be added to your portfolio


Now it’s time to switch focus and watch your creations come to life. Kath will demonstrate her unique editing techniques that perfect images into sophisticated finished products using Lightroom and Photoshop. Kath will demonstrate how to develop your own Lightroom preset. Kath will edit 1 newborn image and 1 sitter image from Raw file to fine art portraiture.

Business and Marketing

The remainder of the afternoon will take attention off the spotlight and into the nitty gritty of running a successful photography business. It is one thing to take great images and another to create a thriving business; an area that Kath sees many talented photographers fall short. Kath will outline the key marketing, sales and business strategies that she has used to grow the business year after year. Most crucial to Kath success is her ability to sell a session and secure repeat and referral business. Pricing and products will also be covered intensively.


I’ve often had enquiries about how I create those creamy images with such a compelling narrative to them.

So here I am… ready to share all the knowledge I have with you.

We will spend each day going through how I create images that tell tales. But you have to promise to come with an open mind that is eager to absorb loads and loads of learnings.

We will discuss:

In the Outdoor and Indoor Photography training full day we start at 10 am and finish at 8 pm. We go through everything in detail from:

  • -Natural light and how we can make the most of light of all kinds whether too dark and dreadful (harsh weather conditions are great too and I will show you how to work your magic in extreme climates) or too sunny (even a sunny day with too many harsh highlights and shadows can lead to amazing images).
  • -Styling our subjects and clients
  • -Posing (a complete posing guide for family photoshoots will be provided to you so that the next time you step out to do a family photoshoot, you know exactly what you are going to be doing.)
  • -Camera gear (what are the best camera bodies in the market and which one should you be investing in. How to decide which lens to buy? I will answer all your questions.)
  • -Camera settings (it is critical to know what settings should you be working on to click images that are stunning even when they come straight out of camera. I will share my secret camera settings recipe with you. )
  • -Working with children and families
  • -Working with animals.
  • -Understanding how to use natural light both outdoors and indoors.
  • -How to do quick and fun family shoots that don’t last you an entire day but are done within 45 minutes to one hour.
  • -EDITING EDITING EDITING. I will teach two kinds of editing. We will do a 5 step simple but super awesome client gallery editing and more complex artsy editing.
  • -*FREE SECRET ACTIONS that I have made on my own and I use for my editing would be given as part of the workshop.*
  • -Marketing. I will give you all my secrets of how I built my brand in two years from starting my business. From being absolutely new to holding a camera to becoming one of the top photographers in the world… featured in Forbes, The Daily Mail, Goodhousekeeping Magazine amongst others. <3
  • -The art of storytelling to stand out in the market where you are competing with many other amazing photographers.
  • -You will be added to my private FB training group where you will find a growing community of photographer who all help each other. So this will help you gain onwards support in the future so that after the workshop you don’t feel left alone/abandoned.
  • -The total cost of this two day intensive training day is INR 39, 999 (or £599). You will have to pay an initial deposit of 20,000 INR (or £300) to secure your slot. The remaining sum must be paid no later than two weeks prior to the actual workshop itself. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT [email protected] to book your slot. 

… phew… that’s not all. There will be loads more inspiration, heart-to-heart chats, personal attention, love, tears and a belly full of fire at the end of the day.

If this is what you are looking for then Heck Yeah! Sign up to the workshops!


*Please be informed that by paying the deposit, you are agreeing in principle that you will be attending the workshop. This means that you understand that under no circumstance your deposit will be refunded, unless the photographer decides to cancel the workshop or reschedule it at a time that is not convenient for you to attend.

For any further queries, contact me at [email protected]


SUJATA from BUT NATURAL PHOTOGRAPHY is a UK based, multi-award winning photographer and story-teller. Her images pull the audiences into an avalanche of colourful narratives that will stand out in a crowd by miles. Widely regarded as one of the fastest growing photographers of England, Sujata’s works have won several awards and been published internationally including Forbes, Vanity FairThe Daily MailGood Housekeeping Magazine and Country Living Magazine amongst others.

Sujata has taught and influenced works of several photographers across the world with her friendly advice, workshops and online training courses. She has now started to travel internationally for teaching and is scheduled to run workshops in photography institutes of Spain, Brazil, Australia, Chile, India and Argentina. Sujata is an endless source of inspiration, instinctive, vibrant, empathetic and positive. And it is this persona of her’s that is embodied in all her works.


Kathleen Vergara is the vision behind Kath V. Photography and regarded as one of Melbourne’s most talented and progressive newborn and baby photographers. Kath’s natural ability is complemented by an imaginative styling and design sense, which explores a fanciful and enchanting genre.

Over the past three years, Kath has continued to refine her distinct technique and draws inspiration from every baby starlet that graces the studio. Kath’s relentless strive for perfection is consistently reflected in her ability to capture the perfect moment in a classical yet contemporary portraiture. 

Behind the scenes, Kath runs a profitable and growing business, which she rates equally important as the quality of her work. Her astute business knowledge, marketing and sales techniques have seen Kath V. Photography as one of Melbourne’s successful newborn and baby photographers.