Natural Light Photography Workshop - Melbourne 28th October 2017

£199.00 - £599.00

Join me on 28th October 2017 at my Natural Light photography workshop in Sunbury, I feel so incredibly honoured to be invited by the International award winning newborn and sitter babies photographer – Kathleen Vergara from to come and conduct a natural light, storytelling photography workshop in Australia and I can assure you that this workshop is going to be beyond imagination.
We will spend the day (10 am- 7 pm) going through how I create images that tell tales. But you have to promise to come with an open mind that is eager to absorb loads and loads of learnings.

We will discuss:

1. Natural light and how we can make the most of light of all kinds (even a sunny day with too many harsh highlights and shadows can lead to amazing images).

2. Styling our subjects and clients

3. Posing

4. Camera gear

5. Camera settings

6. Working with children and families

7. Working with animals.

8. Understanding how to use natural light both outdoors and indoors.

9. EDITING EDITING EDITING. I will teach two kinds of editing. We will do a 5 step simple but super awesome client gallery editing and more complex artsy editing.

10. *FREE SECRET ACTIONS that I have made on my own and I use for my editing would be given as part of the workshop.*

11. Marketing

12. The art of storytelling to stand out in the market where you are competing with many other amazing photographers.

… phew… that’s not all. There will be loads more inspiration, heart-to-heart chats, personal attention, love, tears and a belly full of fire at the end of the day.

If this is what you are looking for then send a message to [email protected]


A group would be created for the attendees to share their earned knowledge and get onwards support.

The total COST per attendee for the workshop will be £599

An initial deposit of £199 is to be paid to book the slot (non refundable, non transferable.) The remaining £400 must be paid no later than two weeks prior to the actual workshop itself.

Please be informed that by paying the deposit, you are agreeing in principle that you will be attending the workshop. This means that you understand that under no circumstance your deposit will be refunded, unless the photographer decides to cancel the workshop or reschedule it at a time that is not convenient for you to attend.

For any further queries, contact me at [email protected]