This is a 47 minutes long editing video tutorial for you to understand how you can make your unappealing beach shots look stunning, warm, deep and just absolutely incredible with a little help of Photoshop and Lightroom.

You can use these same editing principles to edit any other image of yours. It doesn’t just have to be a beach shot. If you love warm images full of colour and depth, this video tutorial is for you.

The changes that I have made in Lightroom here can also directly be made in Photoshop via the Camera Raw Filter.

You will also receive for FREE, my own PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS that I have used in editing this image. It will include a

  1. Sharpen action,
  2. Skin Smoothening action and
  3. Sun Burst action.

My image straight out of camera, as you will see in this editing tutorial will be quite underexposed on the main subject but instead of throwing this image in the bin, I decided to bring light and colour back in it through editing.

I will add warm tones here and will give the image an overall effect of the setting sun (golden hour) with the help of levels, curves and various other techniques.

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