Free Video Tutorial using Photoshop and Lightroom


Hi everyone,

I have been asked several times to share some of my editing techniques and that’s exactly what I am going to do today. I am going to show you the edit of one of my absolute favourite images.

I shot this image of my daughter and my dog in my home on the kitchen top. I placed them right next to the window to be able to use the available natural light that was coming through the window. I then used my Nikon D800 with the 50mm f1.4g lens. I shoot wide open here at aperture f1.4. My shutter speed, ISO and all other EXIF data will be given to you in the video when you watch it.


I have shown in the video how I use lightroom and photoshop to bring out the warm tones in this image. It was hugely underexposed because I wanted to save the highlights on the window from over-exposing. That is really critical for me.

If you shoot in RAW, then you are always able to recover the shadows in the image in post production. I will also show you how I created sun rays and dust particles and how I played around with the various editing techniques to give it an airy and light edit.

I use dodge and burn to make my subjects stand out in my image.

Ultimately it is about getting it fairly right in the SOOC to be able to bring the best out in post processing.

So here we go… watch the video and tell me what you feel. Don’t forget to share your feedback with me and you are welcome to ask questions if you may have in comments here or on Facebook or youtube.

I do workshops all around the world and would be extensively travelling this year. I will be going to Belgium, Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), Canada, London, Kent, Wales, Scotland, Rotherham, Spain, Brazil and Argentina to name a few. You can book the workshops online here:

    1. Sujata

      Thanks so much Laila, and thanks again for sending me that flower pic of yours on which you tried the sun beam. It looked really lovely. Please do take a moment to share it on my fb page as well… it will encourage others to try these techniques as well. Sending loads of love and best wishes for your photography journey.

  1. Prashanthi

    Lovely picture and thanks for sharing the video editing Sujata. Will definitely help PS newbies to explore and use PS to all those who are intimidated to use PS?

  2. Anna E.

    Love it!! Thank you so much! If you ever want to come to Chicago, USA, would love to host a workshop with you!! God Bless!! ❤️❤️

  3. Donna

    I am so grateful for you sharing and showing how you create your magic. New and with your thoughtfulness, I am going to try PS. Most of all, thank you for going slow and explaing in terms that I could follow along. Hope you plan to do fascinating!

  4. Beth

    I’m totally in love with your work, its just stunning!
    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing tutorial, cant wait to try it out!



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